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Fri 10 03 2023


  • Wes Baggaley (Bottom Heavy, London, UK)
  • Julian Bender (PALS, MA)

  • House
  • Techno
  • Breaks
  • Disco
  • Queer

We’re very happy to welcome a handsome new face to PALS: Wes Baggaley from London, UK.

The self-described massive homosexual is one of London’s finest selectors and brings a wide-range of styles to the mix – ranging from pumpin’ house to sleazy techno – always banging, always fun. He runs his own queer night Bottom Heavy, together with Dan Beaumont, has played clubs all over the globe and hosted several radio shows.

Put on some neat underwear, charge your glowsticks and prepare for a night of sweaty & energetic dancing! Support in the booth comes by PALS boy & resident Julian.

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: 9 €

Sat 25 02 2023

The Bare Minimum w/ Vera

  • Vera [Melliflow]
  • Dede
  • Seeder
  • Jan Golly

  • House
  • Minimal

The time has come - invite your favorite co- ravers, polish up your finest dancing shoes, equip yourself with a potent anti- perspirant and cancel all your appointments on Feb 25th: your favorite club and yours truly have teamed up once more, not giving any less than The Bare Minimum for your maximum pleasure.
For our third edition, we are happy to welcome none less than Vera. With her passion for electronic dance music originating in the golden age of house and techno in the early 90s, Vera looks back to over 2 decades of collecting records and serving them them passionately to dancefloors across the globe - which shows in a diverse, refined selection, a spot- on intuition for providing the right moment with the right record, and effortless mixing. Although having played all over the world in places such as Panoramabar, Warehouse (Tokyo), Rex, Concrete (Paris), Fabric or Goa (Rome) to name just a few; and having worked with prestigious labels like Perlon, Oslo, Hello? Repeat or Melliflow, her unpretentious style and carelessness for trends have kept her an insiders' tip amongst music connaisseurs.
Joining us from Portugal, we have Heidelberg's own Dede. After starting his musical journey in the Rhein- Neckar- Delta; leaving for Berlin, extending his musical horizon and regularly playing clubs renowned for their musical avantgardism like CDV, Renate, Chalet, Ritter Butzke and Watergate (where he distinctly participated in the shaping of their Afro- House Night "Rise"); Dede moved again and now enrichens the musical scene of Lisbon. Get ready to be taken on a journey through Dede' s musical influences ranging across tribal house beats, vanguard minimal spheres and electro- affected sounds.
Local support by Jan Golly, former Parker Lewis Resident, Kaleidoskop Labelhead, passionate crate- digger and distinguished producer; and Seeder.

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12

Fri 24 02 2023

Raw Materials

  • TBA
  • Albert. (Raw Materials)

  • Raw Materials
  • Techno
  • Bass

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: TBA

Sat 18 02 2023

Pony Club

  • queer
  • pop
  • electro
  • lgbtiq+
  • friends

Mannheims coolste QUEERe Club Party auf zwei Floors 🦄
Du hast im Februar Geburtstag? Wunderbar! Das Pony schenkt Dir heute freien Eintritt! Bitte ausweisen!
Der Ponyclub Mannheim mit seinem Zuhause in der DISCO ZWEI direkt im Zentrum Mannheims eine der ältesten Instanzen und Begegnungszone für die queere Community & deren Freunden 🏳️‍🌈
Der musikalische Flair zwischen Charts, Pop & Dance auf der einen Seite und feinen tiefen aber doch treibenden Elektro-Tönen auf der anderen Seite.

Ponyclub in der Disco ZWEI heißt Spaß, die ganze Nacht! 2 Floors, familiäres Feiern und tolle Getränkepreise... Das Pony freut sich auf dich!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10

Fri 17 02 2023


  • ENDGAME (Precious Metals)
  • Beril21 
  • idklang
  • cs_puppy (Sirens)
  • Selim Hex (Sirens)


ENDGAME founded Bala Club together with Uli K and Kamixlo in 2016 and spearheaded a type of DJing rarely seen until then. Nowadays he has his own show on NTS, released his first Project including his own Vocals and exported Precious Metal parties to Berlin. We are hyped to have him play together with FFMs very own Beril21 straight out of istanbuls queer & experimental club scene. Rounding out the night will be Sirens very own enfant terrible, Selim Hex as well as cs_puppy providing bouncy nightcore vibes and idklang from Vienna.

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: 12 € (Presale) | 13 € (Box Office)

Sat 11 02 2023

Distorted Perception

  • Fiedel (Ostgut Ton)
  • Objection (Distorted Perception)
  • Nastaran (Waves)
  • D. Leluschko

  • Techno

This time we’re happy to host two floors. The main floor will be heated up from Fiedel and the warm up will be played by Objection. Fiedel limitlessly undermines & overrides expectations. He's no average techno or house DJ. His sets build something new, while capturing the moment. Whether straight techno, banging 80's acid or electro funk: he always surprises. Contrast. Objection. Antithesis. This is how you might start an attempt to describe the world. A seemingly chaos of shapes and thoughts that don't belong to each other. An overall image to be found in life and in music. But that's not how Fiedel views things. Where others make distinctions, he sees connections, where others find emptiness, he finds rooms full of opportunities. Finding those harmonies, connections and contexts marks out his musical work. The synthesis of apparently opposing music, the interaction and the mix of styles and moods, without loosing the storyline, that makes out the characteristic Fiedel sound. Born and raised in Brandenburg, he finds access to the music through various artists and styles in the mid 1980s. He was influenced by artists of the old school hip hop like Mantronix and Egyptian Lover and the early works of Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. A very important influence was Monika Dietl’s radio show at Radio 4U in West-Berlin. Her show aroused the fascination and the longing for musical freedom and diversity, that was not possible in former Eastern Germany. Those impressions gave him a first feeling, a first vision of what should become alive later on. After the wall came down, the way was open to access a fresh scene, and with it came a whole spectrum of new and old music to discover. In the beginning of the 1990s, he started DJing in public as a regular at the Monday events at Subversiv. Shortly after he began his collaboration with his befriended Errorsmith under the name of MMM. They released several productions and play live shows. Since 2000 he is resident at OstGut and later on at Berghain. On the compilation Fünf he had his first solo release on the incorporated Ostgut Ton label, followed by contributions to the compilations Various (2013) and Ostgut Ton | Zehn (2015). In 2012 he eventually founded his own label Fiedelone, to give his own productions a more personal base. In spring 2014 he developed a live set, which he premiered at Berghain. March 2017 saw his first full Ostgut Ton release with the 12" Substance B, followed up by his contribution to the Berghain mixes series in January 2018. The second floor delivers fresh sound from the region by D.Leluschko from Clocked and Nastaran from Waves in Heidelberg.

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12

Fri 10 02 2023


  • Valeria (Hunter Thompson, Breidenbach)
  • Nata
  • Subray
  • Wave Particle Singularity

  • House
  • Housemusic
  • Minimalhouse

Die DEPT. Crew freut sich, Valeria in unserer geliebten Disco Zwei begrüßen zu dürfen.

Bassline grooves, rhythmic moves, with vibes that soothes. DEPT. is once again making the atmosphere right, for a night of pure delight. Dear House lovers, join us, and let us tell you our wonders!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10 €