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Hey Raver! Did you know we have a no photo policy? Just keep your mobile in your pockets and enjoy the night!



Mon 01 01 2024

New Year's Ponyclub

  • Pop Floor: tba
  • Electro/Techno Floor: tba

  • queer
  • lgptq+
  • queersandfriends

Mannheims coolste QUEERe Club Party zum Neuen Jahr und auf zwei Floors 🦄


Das Pony freut sich auf dich!

🕛 Doors: 00:30 💎 Entry: tba

Sat 30 12 2023


...if you know, you know.

Fri 29 12 2023


  • Matrixxman
  • Akuma
  • Arok
  • Confusion
  • Nortsch

  • Techno

Raserei wraps up 2023 with the last club night of the year featuring Matrixxman, an in the techno realm well-respected DJ and producer. Renowned for his futuristic approach on dystopian and metallic techno, the US-born showcases his versatile production skills which led to collaborations with Depeche Mode and rappers like YG and Ty$. Serving as the label boss of “The Grid”, several releases on imprints such as Dekmantel, Delft or Figure were solidifying his status as one of the key figures in the game. All of the Raserei residents play support sets to end the year in style.

Matrixxman is the alter-ego of Charles McCloud Duff. Although he’s known primarily for his work in the techno realm as of late, his musical range extends well beyond the confines of dance music.

Initially he honed his skills producing extensively for some of the west coast’s most notorious figures in gangster rap; YG and Ty$. After growing bored of the routine, his pursuit of what he refers to as “some cold ass futuristic shit,” led him down an unforeseen path of experimentation touching on 2 step garage, post-dubstep, grime, and other facets of UK Bass music.

Several years later he ultimately settled into his groove with something straddling the divide between Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Although truth be told, it was nothing new to him. Word of his diverse production chops spread within the industry culminating in his recent work with Depeche Mode on their album “Spirit”. It’s not often that an artist can cover such range without faltering but then again Matrixxman has always eschewed conformity. The only thing you can definitively conclude about him is that you never know what the fuck he’s going to do next.

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 15€ (Box Office) 14€ (Presale)

Sun 24 12 2023


Tradition seit fast zehn Jahren: Zuerst was in den Pansen, dann ein bisschen tanzen.
Infos folgen...

Sat 23 12 2023

Mystical Feelings presents: Planet Bass #2

  • Bendeform (VJ)
  • Deequid b2b Silent B.O.B.
  • Noa
  • Sykes

  • bass
  • jungle
  • halftime
  • drumnbass
  • whobble
  • visuals


Zum Jahresabschluss haben wir uns eine besondere Bassodyssee überlegt. Zu Anfang wird uns Bassconnaiseur Hypotax aus dem schönen Lahr im Schwarzwald in den Abend navigieren. Weiterhin haben wirkeinen geringeren als Sykes von der legendären Basskantine für ein Jungle- und Halftimeset eingeladen. Gegen Ende der explorativen Nacht gibts nochmal Drums und Bass auf die Ohren. Zuerst spielen Mystical Heads Deequid und Silent B.O.B. b2b und Newcomer Noa schließt den Abend ab. Abgerundet wird unser vorweihnachtliche Exkursion durch Visuals von Bendeform!


23:00-00:30 Hypotax

00:30-02:00 Sykes

02:00-03:30 Deequid b2b Silent B.O.B.

03:30-05:00 Noa


To round off the year, we have come up with a special bass odyssey. To kick things off, bass connoisseur Hypotax from the beautiful town of Lahr in the Black Forest will navigate us into the evening. Furthermore, we have invited none other than Sykes from the legendary Basskantine for a Jungle and Halftime set. Towards the end of this explorative night, there will be some drums and bass for your ears. First Mystical Heads Deequid and Silent B.O.B. play b2b and newcomer Noa concludes the evening. Our pre-Christmas excursion will be rounded off with visuals by Bendeform!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12€ (box-office only)

Fri 22 12 2023

Distorted Perception

  • The Lady Machine (Mote Evolver, Token, Unterwegs)
  • Objection (Distorted Perception/Front Left Records)

  • Techno

We’re happy to present “The Lady Machine“. She is a veteran Brazilian artist with 20 years of experience under her belt purely as a vinyl DJ. Based on a more complex structure of rhythms with dark underground lines of synths and textures, The Lady Machine incorporates the spirit of techno in the twenty first century.
She stands by a deep musical research and precise technique. Her versatile sets blend genres of techno in its many forms and when combined with her fast, furious but tight mixing it creates a perfect atmosphere with the dance-floor. “I never limit myself to one style. “A quality sound with attitude and always dance floor orientated are what I try to convey in my sets” she says.
Following a hiatus from the techno community, over the past two years she has cemented her name in the Berlin community playing at the best events in the city and becoming a resident at the highly-rated event Pornceptual.
Previously she has been at the forefront of the underground electronic scene in Brazil for many years, her skills have taken her around the globe over the past two decades including Asia, North America, Latin America and numerous tours of Europe with club and festival performances across the continent. Objection will heat up the floor.

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12€ (box-office only)

Sat 16 12 2023


  • Pop Floor: tba
  • Electro/Techno Floor: tba

  • queer
  • lgptq+
  • queersandfriends

Mannheims coolste QUEERe Club Party auf zwei Floors 🦄
Du hast im Dezember Geburtstag? Wunderbar! Das Pony schenkt Dir heute freien Eintritt! Bitte ausweisen!
Der Ponyclub Mannheim mit seinem Zuhause in der DISCO ZWEI 🐴 direkt im Zentrum Mannheims 🆒 eine der ältesten Instanzen und Begegnungszone für die queere Community & deren Freunde 🏳️‍🌈
Der musikalische Flair beweg sich zwischen Charts, Pop & Dance auf der einen Seite und feinen tiefen aber doch treibenden Elektro-Tönen auf der anderen Seite. 🎶


Ponyclub in der Disco ZWEI heißt Spaß, die ganze Nacht! Familiär trifft man sich seit vielen Jahren. Es gibt zwei Floors und tolle Getränkepreise... Das Pony freut sich auf dich!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10€

Fri 15 12 2023

Rhythm from the Void

  • Kevin Ferhati (Ärtifakt)
  • D. Leluschko
  • V1n1
  • Felix Hirschpek
  • Oliver OC
  • Secret Act

  • techno
  • groove
  • dance
  • hotandsecret

Get ready for yet another electrifying night at Disco Zwei on December 15, 2023, as "Rhythm from the Void" returns.
Oliver OC kicks off the evening with relaxing bleeps and rhythmic sounds, creating an enticing atmosphere. Felix Hirschpek follows with a live set featuring a unique fusion of hard kicks, groovy house, and captivating melodies. On the second floor, immerse yourself in the infectious beats of D.Leluschko, our groove master.
As the night peaks, join us with Kevin Ferhati, hailing from Miami and currently on touring Europe. Known for his distinct style and commanding stage presence, Kevin Ferhati promises a musical journey like no other, with magnetic energy and unparalleled mixing skills.
Guiding us through the diverse musical journey is Silvina, promising curated sounds that enchant and captivate. Brace yourself for the enigmatic allure of a Secret Artist, whose identity remains a mystery and will be only revelead during the event, adding a touch of mystique to the rhythmic voyage.
Don't miss this unparalleled night filled with diverse beats, hypnotic tunes, and groovy rhythms. See you on the dancefloor.

Sat 09 12 2023


  • ALEX KASSIAN (Love On The Rocks/Planet Sundae/Panorama Bar/Berlin)
  • Tim Etzel (E&X Records/Pleasure Zone/FUGAZI/Mannheim)
  • Chris Gerber (Computer Toys/Hannover)
  • Frunky b2b Patrick Goelz (Rave 3000/FFM, HD)
  • Yeliz (Stuttgart)

  • house
  • techno
  • progressivehouse
  • acid
  • powerhouse
  • electro
  • eurodance

All good things go by three, so FUGAZI is returning back to Disco Zwei for the 3rd edition off their series on Saturday the 9th of December.
There was a lot of appreciation for the last two sessions and the voices got louder to overtake the holy dance floor of Disco Zwei again for another night full of love and vibes.


‣ Originally from Kyoto now based in Berlin we are very proud to have ALEX KASSIAN on board. For those not familiar, he is THE NAME when it comes to Progressive House atm. Regular performances at his infamous residency Panorama Bar or his appearance at Boiler Room Asia are just a few to name.
Alex’s sound is sophisticated and precise (he previously worked on soundtracks for
contemporary dance and theatre); it’s also lush and organic, cinematic and uplifting,
bursting with optimism and energy, informed by spontaneity and improvisation and
specifically designed to promote the kind of out-of-body experiences demanded
by discerning ravers across the universe.

‣ Support comes from Fugazi team member and resident Tm Etzel.
He started his career in 2007 as a local DJ/Promoter in the Rhein-Neckar area.
With his releases on well known labels like E&X Records, Pleasure Zone, Conspiracy or Frame Music he gained international attention in the scene. Meanwhile, Tim is usually playing worldwide in top Clubs such as Watergate Berlin or D-Edge in São Paulo. Catch him on the 9th of December when he is coming back for one of the rare gigs in his hometown.

‣ Another artist which unique sound rounds up the line up perfectly is Chris Gerber.
Euphoric electronic engineering – to get to the bottom of Progressive House producer Chris Gerber’s sound. The Hanover native is Inspired by the 1990s & early 2000s, he creates his version of contemporary house music. Breakbeats and 909 hits, that are combined with warm synth pads and almost cheesy Casio-synth leads are part of Chris Gerber’s agenda. His productions are physically thrilling but emotively driven. His upcoming single “Sunshine Temptation” embodies the second release on his label Computer Toys.

‣ Our next artists for the 9th of December are Heidelberg and Frankfurt based Frunky and Patrick Goelz. The boys gained our attention with their heavyweight outdoor and indoor raves under the brand Rave 3000 and their top class vinyl selection. Digging for new records and playing them in front of diverse crowds between Main and Neckar became their number one spare time task. The lads will ensure to get the dance floor cooking.

‣ Last but not least, we have Yeliz from Stuttgart.
Yeliz, started playing vinyl records a few years ago and discovered her passion. Her music has no limits, from house to breakbeat & acid to 90s electro - she mixes whatever moves her. With her positive energy, she inspires the crowd and has already played in well-known clubs in south Germany
We can’t wait to hear your good vibes for the first time in Mannheim.


To ensure all guests have an amazing experience, we ask you to note:

‣ Look out for each other and speak up or turn to any of the team or club staff if you observe or experience inappropriate behavior or feel unsafe in any way.
‣ We enforce a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior (sexism, racism, transphobia, etc.)
‣ Enjoy yourself, dance, connect and stay long.

We can't wait to tear down the Disco Zwei with you!!!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 13€ (box office only!)

Fri 08 12 2023


  • V1n1 [Hybrid Set]
  • Holtey B2B gianni
  • So&Anders

  • experimental
  • groove
  • breakbeat
  • techno

Seid bereit für das Tiefbauamt-Début in der Disco Zwei!

An den Decks:

V1n1 bewegt sich in ihren Sets frei zwischen Breaks, Groove, Latin Techno und DnB, untermalt von live-kreierten Sounds. Ihre Faszination zum Improvisieren und Experimentieren lässt sie musikalische Grenzen verzerren. Das Schaffen als Musikerin und ihre vielen verschiedenen Einflüsse sorgen für eine Neuinterpretation elektronischer Musik.

Holtey übernimmt dann mit einem energetischen und mitreißenden Sound, der sich im Laufe des Abends in einem B2B-Set mit gianni steigert und sich fließend in ihr eigenes Set bewegt. Abgerundet wird die Nacht durch die hypnotisierenden Klänge in einem Dark-Groove-Set von So&Anders.

Wir freuen uns an diesem Abend die Zwei in ein Experimentierfeld für elektronische Musik zu verwandeln!

If you support any discriminatory behaviour stay home, you are not welcome!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10€ (box-office only)