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Fri 21 04 2023


  • Iron Curtis (Rawax, Frank Music, Berlin)
  • Julian Bender (PALS, MA)

  • PALS
  • House
  • Techno
  • Breaks
  • Disco
  • Queer
  • Straight-friendly

Spring is calling and we’re ready to for another dance. On April 21st long-time-pal and sweetheart Iron Curtis from Berlin is gonna join us once again for a wild ride on our cozy dancefloor at Disco Zwei. He is known for his diverse productions on a ton of renowned labels and his always surprising and captivating sets.

Prepare for some proper house music, from dark corners in the basement, up up up through the ceiling. He’ll be joined all night by brother-in-cuteness and PALS host Julian aka Baby B. Some heartwarming b2b action guaranteed! Toot toot, beep beep!

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: 10 €

Sat 15 04 2023


  • Electro Floor Leon Haller
  • Sexy Pop Floor: tba

  • queer
  • pop
  • electro
  • house
  • techno
  • lqbtiq+
  • friends

Mannheims coolste QUEERe Club Party auf zwei Floors 🦄
Du hast im April Geburtstag? Wunderbar! Das Pony schenkt Dir heute freien Eintritt! Bitte ausweisen!
Der Ponyclub Mannheim mit seinem Zuhause in der DISCO ZWEI direkt im Zentrum Mannheims eine der ältesten Instanzen und Begegnungszone für die queere Community & deren Freunde 🏳️‍🌈
Der musikalische Flair bewegt sich zwischen Charts, Pop & Dance auf der einen Seite und feinen tiefen aber doch treibenden Elektro-Tönen auf der anderen Seite.


Ponyclub in der Disco ZWEI heißt Spaß, die ganze Nacht! Zwei Floors, familiäres Feiern und tolle Getränkepreise... Das Pony freut sich auf dich!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10

Fri 14 04 2023

Distorted Perception w/ Yanamaste

  • Yanamaste

  • #techno

Sun 09 04 2023

Raserei with Setaoc Mass

  • Setaoc Mass

  • #techno

Sat 08 04 2023

Blank presents: Dj Heartstring

  • Dj Heartstring
  • l3oo

Thu 06 04 2023


  • Robert Dietz (Running Back / Robert Johnson / Berlin)
  • Nate S.U (Conspiracy / When Dogs Fly / Sydney,Barcelona )
  • Tim Etzel (E&X Records / Pleasure Zone / FUGAZI / Mannheim)
  • Robin RB (Restless / FUGAZI / Berlin)
  • Kiti Arsa (Stuttgart)

  • House
  • Minimal

After the huge success off the first FUGAZI series at our beloved Disco Zwei,
we are sure that Mannheim needs another night full of high quality sound.
So we decided to take you on the next musical level on Holy Thursday (Gründonnerstag) the 6th of April.
For this edition we've invited again some amazing selectors.
‣ From Berlin we are very proud to have Robert Dietz on board. For those not familiar, he is one of the Rhein-Main area legends with regular performances at Offenbachs Robert Johnson, Mannheims Time Warp, New Yorks Hyde Festival or the world famous Ibiza Clubs like Space and Pacha.
He also released quality records on top-class imprints such as ‘Desolat’, ‘Running Back’, ‘Saved’, and ‘Cadenza’ to name a few and left us with a lot of killer tunes played over and over again. After a long time we are happy to welcome you in Mannheim. It felt like decades!
‣ From Sydney/Barcelona we have Nate S.U,
he is one of the founders of Australia based Label and Party Series „Conspiracy“.
Nate meanwhile moved from Australia to Barcelona and created his own brand called „When Dogs Fly“. He is not only an amazing record selector, Nate comes with a huge variety of own production on amazing Labels which gets spinned by the top underground house and techno elite. The Fugazi Team shares a special connection to Nate. Tim had a guest release on Nate’s Label Conspiracy and several performances together in Barcelona and Berlin so we are very proud to present Nate for the very first time in Mannheim.
‣ Nothing much to say about our resident Tim Etzel. With his releases on E&X Records, Pleasure Zone, Conspiracy or Frame Music he gained international attention in the scene. Usually playing in Clubs such as Watergate Berlin or D-Edge in São Paulo he is coming back for one of the rare gigs in his hometown.
‣ Another long term friend and resident of the FUGAZI party series will round up this heavy Line Up. Our homie from Berlin „Robin RB“ formerly known as „Monoploid“. First starting different succesful projects in the Düsseldorf area he now moved to Berlin to expand his musical career. He is one of the founders of the party brand „Restless“ and playing regularly in the hottest Clubs in Europe. Robin exactly know how to get a dance floor cooking.
‣ Last but not least, we have Kitty Arsa from Stuttgart.
The extremely good taste in music, her unmistakable aura and her good sense of taking every audience on a musical journey make the talented KITI ARSA a real insider tip.
KITI ARSA combines many facets of electronic music and stylishly mixes deep house, electronica and future beats.
In addition to DJ appearances for clubs and festivals, she organizes her own event series "Shari Vari", where she regularly presents artists from the international underground music scene.

To ensure all guests have an amazing experience, we ask you to note:
‣ Look out for each other and speak up or turn to any of the team or club staff if you observe or experience inappropriate behavior or feel unsafe in any way.
‣ We enforce a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior (sexism, racism, transphobia, etc.)
‣ Enjoy yourself, dance, connect and stay long.

We can't wait to tear down the Disco Zwei with you!!!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12€

Wed 05 04 2023


Let’s do some WOMANSPLAINING: Katharsia kommt mit ihrem erfolgreichen Workshopformat in die Disco Zwei und führt FLINTAs in die Kunst des digitalen Deejayings ein. Alles kann, nichts muss – Ihr lernt in eurem Tempo, mit Liebe und in Ruhe. Der Workshop richtet sich an alle Interessierte, darunter sind besonders FLINTA-Personen willkommen.

🕛 20-22 Uhr 💎 Entry: free

Sat 01 04 2023

Housecats w/ Day V. Jones

  • Day V. Jones all night long

  • house
  • dance
  • allnighter

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 8 € (box office only)

Fri 31 03 2023

Raw Materials

  • DJ Swagger (Goddess Music, EC2A)
  • Albert (Raw Materials)

  • Raw Materials
  • Techno
  • Bass
  • Breaks
  • UK Garage
  • Grime

"DJ Swagger is a phenomenon. When he is not out there skating and hanging with his friends, he shuts himself into the studio to come up with the sickest new tunes.

Still firmly rooted in his hometown Bielefeld, he ventures deep into the interwebs, always looking for new materials and influences to use in his productions. With open ears and not constraint by genre, he keeps constantly evolving his sound and improving his technique. There is one thing that ties it all together, and that is his love for making music just for the sake of it.

It has been a while since he has graced our booth, but it's about damn time for his return. So join us for a night full of techno and contemporary bass music with a distinct UK influence. Maybe. Because you never really know, when DJ Swagger is in control." - Albert.

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 Entry: TBA

Sat 25 03 2023


  • Tigerhead (HET, Killekill)
  • Katharsia (Floor & Fauna)
  • Dombezz b2b Confusion
  • Oliver OC
  • Jörg Lüttringhaus (Schwarz)

  • Techno

Besser spät als nie: Tigerhead (HET, Killekill) beehrt uns endlich in der Disco Zwei! Vor 3 Jahren, als sie sich als Newcomerin deutschland- und europaweit mit ersten Auftritten im Berghain, ://aboutblank, dem Krake Festival, Boilerroom und weiteren namhaften Venues etablierte, kam uns die Pandemie dazwischen. Nun geht sie endgültig durch die Decke und beeindruckt mit ihrem puren, vielseitigen und überraschenden Sound und technischer Finesse diverse internationale Clubs, Festivals und tourt sogar durch Lateinamerika. Support spielt Katharsia aus Mainz, die nicht nur uns, sondern sämtliche Clubs in Süddeutschland mit ihrem deepen und progressiven Sound immer wieder aufs Neue überzeugt.
Kontrastprogramm auf dem zweiten Floor bieten Dombezz b2b Confusion. Oliver OC ist in unserer Szene kein Unbekannter mehr und wird die Nacht einleiten, Schwarz Event Host Jörg Lüttringhaus rundet das Programm ab.

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 10 € (box office only)

Fri 24 03 2023


  • Gebrüder Fergerson
  • Daniel Osh
  • LADO
  • Sizario
  • Christian Drömer

  • Techno
  • Techhouse

No photos, no videos (as usual at our venue), just Techno!

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 12 € (box office only)