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Fri 13 01 2023

Distorted Perception

  • Maasym (Planet Rhythm, Soptik)
  • Objection (Distorted Perception)

  • Techno

🕛 Doors: 23:59 💎 9 €

We’re happy to share this night with the young aspiring and driven artist "Maasym“. He’ living in Giessen, near Frankfurt / Main. Influenced by an upbringing in 90’s Hip-Hop through his adolescence and a progression into Electronic Music during his teenage years, the Frankfurt techno scene beckoned for the home-grown talent. An increasing love for drone sounds, ethereal sound scapes and dark driving elements founded the basis of his foray into the electronic music sphere.
A constant love for experimenting; ever-growing and continues to influence his productions led him to discovering ambient and experimental music, of which has captivated his love for sound in the space and the craft of creating ever interesting ethereal backdrops to his finely tuned productions. Ever mental, consistently groovy and methodically hypnotic "Maasym" maintains his individuality in sound and forges a path on the pursuit for ever timeless productions, of which there are much more to come.
Working full time as a Graphic Designer back in the days, "Maasym" and his partner created the art and music imprint SOPTIK. The focus of the label is to strive to connect artists with each other, share their craftsmanship and to unite them in the final aim of providing a comprehensive project that can instill inspiration for the scene and provide a strong platform for talented individuals looking to express themselves in the areas of music and art. He released his productions on well known labels like Planet Rhythm and Voxnox.

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