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Hey Raver! Did you know we have a no photo policy? Just keep your mobile in your pockets and enjoy the night!



Sat 02 03 2024

Clocked Fundraiser

  • Nastya Muravyova
  • LEY
  • D. Leluschko b2b Oliver OC
  • 2. Floor (Schimmer Records):
  • Hedström & Pflug
  • Pøl b2b Recursion

  • techno
  • fundraiser

🕛 Doors: 23:00 💎 Entry: 13 € (or donate more)

To kick things off in 2024, we're inviting you to our debut at Disco Zwei on March 2nd to a fundraiser in solidarity with Ukraine.

For this occasion, we are more than excited to have Nastya Muravyova as an integral part of the Kyiv techno scene with us. Nastya's unique style of mixing with elements ranging from groove, ebm and electro has led her to perform at highly renowned venues such as Berghain and RSO while also having a residency at Veselka and the Prague institution Fuchs2.

The second debut is played by LEY from Karlsruhe. She will open the night with her distinctive sound characterized by a wide range of deep, evolving grooves and carefully selected atmospheric tunes.

On the second floor we are happy to have our friends from Schimmer Records with us. Hedström & Pflug will deliver a set characterized by their distinctive style of layering different textures and rhythms. To round things up Pøl will play b2b with Recursion.

Closing the night, our resident D. Leluschko will team up with our co-founder Oliver OC for a special b2b session. So come early and stay late.

No photos, no videos. Respect the vibe! Zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, sexism, racism or harassment.

(All profits will be donated to @vitsche_berlin)